First Impressions: Limbo

Last night I decided that I needed a game that was a bit more upbeat and less soul destroying than what I’ve currently been playing, so I downloaded Limbo (done by the folks at Play Dead in Denmark).

From what I’ve read and heard about Limbo, I knew that it would be dark and “weird”, but I figured it would be light enough to deal with for a day or two. Fast forward to 30 seconds into the game, and the screen shot above is what I come across. Hmmm. I think that my initial assumptions may have been incorrect.

So far, the graphics are beautiful and the game is standard for a platformer: you can only go one way, there are a lot of questionable jumps that need to be made, boxes that need moving, and traps that need to be avoided, as I learned to my chagrin after stepping into a bear trap and watching my disembodied head (with gushing blood) fly into the wilderness behind me.

I haven’t been playing too long yet, but I can’t help but feel very paranoid as I move through the world. The interesting thing about Limbo so far is that it’s very quiet. The only thing I’ve heard so far is my footsteps and the snap of the bear traps that I failed to jump over, and that makes me nervous because I’m pretty sure something is lurking just to the right of the screen waiting to jump out and eat me.

So far, I’m enjoying it. The game is only about 2 hours long and cost $15.00. The way I figure, it’s the same cost as going to a movie, and you’ll probably get a bit more enjoyment out of it (depending on the movie, of course). Watch the trailer below, it’s pretty cool.


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