Second Impressions: Lord of the Rings Online

** This is free to play now **

After the disappointment that was Final Fantasy XIV Online, I decided to give Lord of the Rings Online (LOTRO) another chance (Yes, I am the Queen of MMORPGs). It’s not that I never liked this game, it was always more that I couldn’t afford/didn’t want another game subscription. However, now that it’s free, I foresee myself spending a lot more time here as I’m currently disillusioned with World of Warcraft (WoW).

I’m calling this a second impression, as I’ve played LOTRO before- however, it was on a 14 day trial and I hadn’t started this blog yet, so I didn’t pay a huge amount of attention to anything.

When I played during my free trial, I made an Elf Champion because I was adamant that I was not going to play a hybrid caster class again – and the Champions are your standard melee DPS. However, last night I decided to roll a Lore Master, which is the dreaded hybrid caster. I figured I would try it just to see what it was like, and so far I’m not disappointed. I very much enjoyed playing a Champion, but I’m liking the Lore Master just as much.

For those that are familiar with the class workings of WoW, LOTRO’s Lore Master is like a Mage/Warlock/Healer/Hunter combo. When you first decide to create this character the game tells you that skill wise, playing is “advanced”, which I assume means that you can’t blindly play this character and expect to be any good (most of the other classes are described as “basic”). The blurb about Lore-Masters is that they excel at crowd control, can summon animal companions to help in battle (I’m currently kicking it with my RAVEN), and must decide WHEN to heal or DPS.

Lovely graphics aside, LOTRO runs the way I would expect an MMORPG to run- you can easily change key bindings, movement through the world feels natural, the HUD/quest log/character panel/social interaction commands make sense, and interactions with NPCS are not an aggravating guessing game.

Playing Final Fantasy XIV Online really made me appreciate this game and the others that have taken the time to get the basics right – I didn’t realize how many little things I take for granted when I sit down to play.

Anyway, for anyone interested in playing LOTRO with me, here’s my info:

Server: Nimrodel

Name: Mairwen (melee) or Faiga (caster)


One thought on “Second Impressions: Lord of the Rings Online

  1. yay welcome back! I await you at level 25! although i have a beautiful 16 level hobbit minstrel who can join you for questing at a lower level (she’s pretty hot for a hobbit i thought!)

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