Cataclysm Beta Pictures: Day 1

These pictures are all from around Ogrimmar and Azshara. Click on any picture to enlarge it. Let me know what you want me to check out!

The goblin warlock I rolled.

Org – A view of where the bank USED to be.

Org – Inside, facing the front gates.

Org – One of the many new Inns in the city.

Org – The gate out of the Valley of Honor.

Org – Thrall used to live here (Valley of Strength).

Org – The Goblin Slums.

Flying down Southfury River to Azshara.

Azshara – I have no idea what’s going on here.

Azshara – Pleasure Palace

Azshara – Bilgewater Harbour

Azshara – Bilgewater Harbour


3 thoughts on “Cataclysm Beta Pictures: Day 1

  1. This just makes me happy I left. Avatar obviously got the good designers, and they are probably enjoying the influx of cash, and drinking it down with cute chicks they never would have ever met. Darwin. It still happens.

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