To Fallen Friends

I’ve always said that one of the great things about World of Warcraft was the social aspect. I’ve been playing the game for about seven years now, and over the years I’ve met a lot of people – some bad, some good, and some truly exceptional, the latter being ones that I consider very real friends and are borderline family. Nay, we ARE family, as we’ve been together for years in the same guild, moving from game to game. There are not many people that fall into the “exceptional” category, but the few who do are worth their weight in gold and when they’re gone, it is truly devastating.

Sadly, someone that falls into the exceptional category died this week. His family and friends out in the real world knew him as Joe, but to us (The Ruin family) he was Mog.

I don’t remember when Mog came to us, but it must have been sometime during The Burning Crusade, which was released about four years ago. He fit in well with our tight knight group, and it was always a pleasure to spend our gaming time together, as his attitude was always ridiculously optimistic.

Mog was one of the most selfless people I’ve ever met – he was always around when we needed him, even if it was inconvenient to him. Through raids running late into the night, to working on strategies, to working with the rest of the guild in the role of an officer, he was always there. Besides that, he was an honest and wonderful friend who would listen to my rants without taking it personally, and he was a truly nice guy in a sea of assholes that is the gaming world. I rarely heard Mog say a bad word about anyone but when he did, he was always very apologetic about it.

It’s difficult to think about the future of Ruin without him being a part of it, especially since we had been discussing plans in regards to the upcoming expansion pack only a few days ago. It’s hard to imagine moving through this virtual world without our friend and main tank, and I deeply regret not telling him that I appreciated him more often.

Lok’tar, brother. Thank you for coming into our lives for a short time – we will miss you.


7 thoughts on “To Fallen Friends

  1. Mogmog was and will always be my favorite tanking buddy, I remember him and me talking for hours trying to figure out ways to tweek how to tank new bosses and make it so the raid would get the kill. If that were to mean he would sit out then that is what he did.
    I don’t think this new expansion will be the same without him there I know for me it wont be I loved being the other main tank in Ruin and will continue to love tanking but tanking in WoW without Mogmog will be a sad thing indeed. Like TZ to me Mogmog was family… most don’t know this but outside of the digital world I don’t have many friends I have PTSD and Bipolar Disorder so me getting out the house is a chore at best. But online I have made some good friends and family and Mogmog was family and a brother to me he helped me keep my temper and be a better officer in Ruin he will be Sadly missed. This part is for all us Ruin folks I say we start a petition to get Blizz to make a MogMog statue in game to remember him in his time in the World of Warcraft !!

  2. Well said TZ and Hawkrine.. i only knew Mog for a short time over maybe last 7 months but raiding with him was a pleasure.. always kind to help out and to point in the right direction.. He was a great guildie from how i felt .May he rest in peace and may he watch over his families be it the real life or the gaming community.. Rip Mog Be well brother !

  3. Mog has been a staple for 3 years for me, even in the year + I had off. He worked so hard to be what he felt the guild needed. When Kujo left, he stepped up to the plate. It was very frustrating for him, and a difficult time because he felt he could do so much better….we spent many hours post-raids talking about the encounters. He did so much better than he thought he did, and got so much better in such a short amount of time. And through all of it, he never had a rough word for anyone, even when he felt they were coming down hard on him. He was kind and gentle, a true supporter of everyone that he played with. A raid didn’t go by that I didn’t get a “been nice tanking with you!” as I signed off. I will miss him terribly.

  4. He was a gift, and helped me many a time, either in raids, or in general advice. I’ll do my best to be there Tuesday.

  5. very well said. it seems to me he joined up about the same time i did in burning crusade. during kara i remember being grouped with him most of the time. it was always a pleasure and he will be missed.

  6. I can’t believe that I didn’t know this happened, I suppose I was out of touch. It’s hard to believe, I’m glad i was able to know and play with him through Ruin. Rest in Peace

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