Cataclysm Beta: Worgen Gameplay


My finished worgen!

I decided that I would roll another  worgen today, even though I made one a few weeks ago. My first one was a male warrior, and I didn’t want to be male – however, the female model was still being tweaked so I figured I’d poke around a bit but not document anything. Fast forward to today. Once I made my female, I found that Blizzard had played a cruel joke on me. As soon as I spawned, I was male. /sigh.

The masculine version of me

Anyway. First things first – Besides the female model being broken, the level of difficulty for a beginning zone seems a bit skewed. I’ve been playing this game for years and only died before hitting level 5 when I first started out back in 2004. Today (and when I was leveling my warrior) I died 8 times before hitting level 7, which doesn’t seem right at all. I rolled a mage this time around, and yes, I get that being a low level clothy sucks ass, but still. I’m hoping that Blizzard will tweak this before release because it’s pretty damn annoying at the moment. I can only imagine how legitimate noobs will feel come release.

Moving on – once you spawn in Gilneas City, you see that the city is being overrun by the worgen, so you do your basic kill/collect quests. The city and NPCs are absolutely beautiful, and  it’s hard not to be resentful about the Goblin starting zone of Kezan (rickety island inhabited by sarcastic midgets vs. any town/city/village pulled out of Victorian England. Hmmm.)

One of the main quest givers in period attire


It's like being in Victorian England...

Another annoying aspect of Gilneas City is that it resembles any old European city – the streets are a crooked maze. If you choose not to check your map, you WILL get lost and you WILL be sodomized by wolves. One wrong turn down the wrong street will see you attacked by about 20 worgen, which seems a bit harsh for a level 4 character.

Gilneas City reminds me of the time I got lost in London


Many quests involve dealing with waves of mobs

Once you learn to be careful, it’s time to do more quests. The majority of quests in Gilneas City revolve around dealing with waves of mobs. Luckily your health regenerates rather quickly, but the over all experience is a bit chaotic.

You've been bitten!

After dealing with a rush of worgen, you are sent to go rescue a fool in his basement. But guess what? He’s actually a worgen and bites you – and so it begins.

Another wave of mobs quest

Now that you’re tainted, you must go and find the world’s best alchemist in the hopes that he can cure you (hiding in a tree seemed like a good idea at the time). Of course you’re going to run through the city with wild abandon, and of course every mob within a 2 mile radius will chase you.

Light's Dawn Cathedral

The next stop is Light’s Dawn Cathedral. Once there, you must get back on your horse and round up as many worgen as possible and make them chase you back to the Cathedral. Then you must get behind a cannon and blow 80 of them up – I admit that this was pretty satisfying, and it was cool to do quests that are not the low level norm run/kill/collect.


You ARE a beast

After the last Cathedral quest, you are teleported to Duskhaven where you see your beastly self in the stocks. You are eventually freed, but no one really likes you until you prove yourself by doing more quests. The quests around Duskhaven are in the same vein as those in Gilneas City – you get to do a fair amount of quests involving vehicle control, which breaks up the potential monotony nicely.


The road to Greymane Manor

Inside the manor, the villagers are pleading with the Queen

One of the last quests in Duskhaven sends you to Greymane Manor to ask the Queen for help. She asks you to talk to the King, and he tells you to board a carriage and get the hell out of Dodge along with the rest of the town.


The trip out of Duskhaven happens via coach

Things don't go to plan, and your coach crashes...

So far, I’m enjoying the Goblin stuff more than the Worgen, but maybe that’s because the Goblins and their zone are pretty polished at the moment. As far as the Worgen stuff goes, one of the other annoying/weird things that are happening is that I will randomly turn from worgen to man and vice versa. I haven’t been able to pinpoint what causes the change, and haven’t been able to find anything about it in my spellbook, so I’m assuming that this is still very buggy. On my warrior, I never turned into a worgen, and he’s almost level 10. Oh well, that’s what beta is all about.

More at some point soon!


3 thoughts on “Cataclysm Beta: Worgen Gameplay

  1. one of my favorite gaming experiences was in elder scrolls 3, when you could become a werewolf in the expansion. these pics are kind of reminding me of that. kind of wish they were horde. but im glad to hear ur not hating the goblins as a new race.

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