RIFT Videos: Character Creation & Forcing a Rift to Open

It’s been a long few days waiting for RIFT to go live after the last beta event. Yes, I know that it was only 4 days that those of who have a head start had to wait, but waiting for this game made me twitch the same way quitting smoking did.

Now that the game has gone live, it’s time for some videos! I decided to make these to give people a chance to see what the game itself looks like, as the trailers don’t really give you a great idea. What better way to advertise a game than to show the actual game play and major concept of the game itself? With that in mind, on with the show! Both of these videos can be viewed in high definition, so take advantage of that.


The first video is pretty self explanitory, but here’s what you’re seeing in the second video:

I started out doing a quest and saw a planar tear in the distance. Planar tears are what rifts look like before they become active. If left alone, they’ll open by themselves. However, with the Planar Lure item that all players receive, you’re able to force the tears into rifts before they do it themselves. All you need to do is be close to the tear and click on the lure. In this instance I ran over, saw a bunch of people standing around picking their noses, so I forced the rift to open.

About the HUD:

For the most part this is pretty standard, but here are the differences –

  • World messages are always broadcast in the center of the screen: these tell you when major rifts are opened or if the enemy faction is attacking, as well as where. Messages will also let you know when towns are about to fall or if they’ve been saved, etc.
  • When I pull up the map, you can see blue or purple stars, as well as crosses that are moving. The stars represent active rifts (planar tears look like ovals)- purple is for death rifts, blue is a water rift, yellow is earth, etc. The moving crosses are patrols that either spawn out of the rifts, or are enemy faction NPCs. If you hover your mouse over the crosses, an arrow will pop up and show you which direction they’re heading (which town is about to get smoked). It’s important to note that if you ignore or can’t defeat rift mobs or the patrols, they WILL overrun the town, kill all of the friendly NPCs and start spreading out across the ENTIRE zone causing major chaos.
  • Once I open the rift, you’ll see a circular icon pop up under my mini map. This is all information relating to the rift:
  • The “1” means that we’re on the first wave of mobs. There are 4 waves that we need to get through, and if we’re successful, we’ll get a fifth bonus wave. The more waves you complete, the better the loot- especially if you get to the bonus wave.
  • The bar on the left side of the circle is my DPS meter (since I’m a mage). I assume that for other, non DPS classes it’s something else to measure participation. Important note: the more you participate, the better the loot. If you’re part of group dealing with a rift and you just sit there, you get nothing.
  • The left bottom circle shows the groups participation and ranks everyone. The bottom right circle is the loot bag. You can click it after each wave, or wait until the rift is sealed. Dealing with rifts gives you an item called Planarite, and this is the currency used to buy rare and epic items from vendors. Planarite is one of many incentives to seal rifts (remember the loose mobs chaos thing from earlier, as well other good loot and XP), and you can usually get several from each rift sealed.
  • Most, if not all groups around rifts are public. This isn’t a huge deal if a public group isn’t available, all it does is make it easier to see who to heal (if you can), and where the group is going.

Well, that’s pretty much it for now. If you haven’t played Rift yet, hopefully this article has given you a good, general idea if what the game is like.


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