The Master Manipulator and Other Gamer Girl “Types”

While playing Rift a few days ago, I got to talking to very good gaming buddy of mine: we were guildies and officers together in Warhammer Online and WoW, and beta tested Rift together. Due to unfortunate circumstances that I won’t go into, we went our separate ways and into different guilds when Rift went live.

As we were catching up the other day, my friend (“B”) was telling me that his guild had recently exploded. Because the MMO community is rather small, people know people in various guilds on their servers, and there’s always an undercurrent of drama and gossip.  I had heard a rumour that this guild had blown up from another friend (“K”), and that it was down to “fucking women”. When I asked for more details, K didn’t have anything else to share but DID mention that a few people had transferred servers because of this.

When B and I talked, he gave me the run down and sadly, it was the same old story: you’ve got a few women (it really doesn’t take that many to cripple a guild) that are either bored, zealous flirts, drama queens, attention seekers, daddy farmers, manipulators, down right psychos or some combination of any of these types. When these types get out of control for whatever reason, they can bring a guild down faster than you would think is humanly possible.

Last year I wrote an article about two types of gamer girls, and these two types seemed to be the most common at the time: attention seekers and daddy farmers. The definition of an “attention seeker” is self explanatory, but I coined the term daddy farming several years ago after seeing several women in my guild quite obviously looking for a “sugar daddy” and going through our entire roster of active, male guild members. B mentions this article a lot, and told me that he’s referred a number of people to it, just because I really hit the nail on the head.

If you’re still with me at this point and interested in how I label people, this is the original article:

Daddy Farming, Attention Seeking, and the Girl Gamer

Anyway. When B and I talked the other day, he was telling me that the guild explosion was down to only a few women who seemed to fit the bill for one of my types, but there was also something more. As we talked, I realized that I needed to add a new type to the list because although these women ARE attention seekers, it was clear that they are what I will now refer to as master manipulators. Since I’m on a roll here, I’m going to add a few more types to the master list as well as recap some older ones.

Gamer Girl Types 

The Daddy Farmer (recap): This woman wants to be taken care of. It doesn’t matter if you’re married, have a girlfriend or are single – if you show the slightest bit of interest in her, it’s game over for you unless you’re firm in telling her NO.

The Attention Seeker (recap): She doesn’t actually care about you, she just wants you to pay attention to her. Lack of attention will result in a pissy attitude and/or mild temper-tantrums, etc. When you’re ready to give her your undivided attention, she will most likely ignore you as “punishment”.

The Drama Queen: She’s usually a lesser variation of the attention seekerand doesn’t actually care about you or anyone else. She lives for drama, enjoys creating it, loves to gossip, and will blatantly lie about a situation just to get a reaction out of everyone.

The Harmless Flirt: She’s a flirt but doesn’t mean anything by it – she doesn’t want to hook up with you in any capacity. In a male dominated situation, this is pretty much to be expected, especially when one of the big things you have in common is gaming. However, this can sometimes cause drama because when real people are playing together on a regular basis, feelings develop, flirting happens and  someone gets jealous or pissed off because she flirted with someone else.

The Master Manipulator: She’s pretty much every type rolled into one dangerous package, and her favourite games are to pit men against each other (fight for her) and use sex and/or emotion to get what she wants. She will do whatever it takes to get what she wants, and like most of the other types, it’s a given that she doesn’t actually care about you. This is the type of woman that will kill your guild. She’s extremely good at what she does, is usually a seasoned liar, and has nothing to loose.

And then there are those of us that don’t fit into any of these categories. In my current guild, there are several women that I play with and we’re all very chill and kickass – there’s never been any hint of attitude or drama from any of us. It DOES seems like we’re a rare breed, but we ARE out there, so don’t give up on gamer girls just yet.


2 thoughts on “The Master Manipulator and Other Gamer Girl “Types”

  1. I find that a lot more stressful gaming experiences also come from the opposite sex. Teenagers, guys who still think they are teenagers but are over 40. I’ve had very few male gamers who were as relaxed as the many female gamers. Sure, I’ve gotten into arguments with ladies, but I’ll say this, the female gamer type has never insulted me the way the 9 year old boy playing his Dad’s account, even though the wipe was HIS fault, not mine. I applaud lady gamers, the research and tenacity always amaze me. Keep playing.

    1. I totally agree with you re: the tween gamer attitude. In all of my years of gaming, no matter how fucked up a chick was, she was never insulting in the way that only a pre-teen/teenage boy can be.

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