Aftermath & Limbo

Ever since my guild died, I feel that this is an accurate portrait of me.

After my last article detailing the death of my beloved guild, I decided to put my big girl professional pants back on. While the majority of the article was fine, I DID loose it a bit at the end. That was never my intention, and the lesson I learned is: don’t write angry. With that being said, let’s talk about the aftermath of guild death.

Once the guild was officially dead, one of our officers (C) talked to the GM of another guild (L) on our server and they discussed the dreaded merger. I’ve never been a fan of guild merges – going by my experiences alone, they never end well and being in someone else’s “house” doesn’t make potential issues any easier. C seemed to think that those of us that were left would fit in well with this guild, and that it would be extremely beneficial for them to take us as they were always short numbers for raids, hadn’t downed the last boss in GSB (20 man), and hadn’t set foot in the 2nd 20 man raid instance – both of which we had been mopping the floor with for quite awhile. After discussing the pros and cons of moving, C and I agreed that this was probably the best choice for those of us that wanted to stick together, and felt like our small group would be the rock stars of the new guild.

Fitting In vs. Grievances

This was tough, and in the end things didn’t work out (more on this in a minute). My only concern when moving over was that this guild’s loot system was “light loot council”. What this meant was that raid members did a straight roll for epic items, but the “loot council” decided who got any legendary/relic items. I’ve never liked the idea of loot council because I think it’s extremely easy to biased, and even if you’re NOT being biased, it’s even easier to come across that way. I decided that if this was the worst thing about the guild, it didn’t really matter since our group didn’t need much in the way of gear out of these raids. Unfortunately, we came to find out that what this guild meant by “light loot council” was actually just the GM (L) deciding who got what. Luckily for us, we only saw 2 relics drop.

In general, even though the people in the new guild seemed very nice, I never really felt at home or completely at ease. This may have been because L was a bit of a dictator. We had several people move with us, and not all of them were raid ready – they came because they wanted to stay with the group. I don’t know about anyone else’s experiences, but in most guilds there are always a handful of casual players that are there because their real life/adopted friends are more active, and they like hanging out with their friends.

Three days after the merge, L had a chat with me about the casual people that had come with us and asked me how I felt about him kicking them out. When I asked him if they had done/said something to warrant being kicked, he said no – he just didn’t want non raiders in the guild as they did nothing to contribute to raids, but that they would be welcome back once they were raid ready. I told him that in all honesty, I was not cool with this since they were our friends and wanted to hang out with us. He didn’t respond and kicked them out anyway without telling them WHY.

Then there was the conversation about my healing not impressing L. I’m sorry, what? I swore that I would stop taking ignorant and outright dumb comments personally, but that was a slap in the face. I’ve played all sorts of different healer types across MANY MMOs over the past 8 years, and would like to think that I’m pretty damn good at what I do. In fact, I feel like it’s the ONLY role I’m REALLY good at. Yes, your heals were better than mine. However, the difference between our heals was only about 200 HPS, and you’re also wearing Rank 8 PvP gear with no runes having to be dedicated to Hit/Focus rather than the coveted Intelligence. That’s right, because you weren’t progressing through Hammerknell like I was. I’m not sure why 1400 HPS in GSB/RoS isn’t good enough, considering that  all of the “native” healers in this guild are capping at around 800 HPS.

The straw that broke the camel’s back, however, was being late to a raid (20 minutes) due to homework. A few of our original group were late as well (2 minutes). When they logged in 2 minutes late, there was a 10 man raid already under way and obviously, there was no room for them. It was stated that the 10 man was happening as there weren’t enough people on for a 20 man. OK, fair enough. One of the originals sent me a text and said that since L’s group was doing their own thing, they were going to try and get a second 10 man group together once I logged in. Cool, said I, and logged in once my homework was done.

Our group waited an hour and a half for L’s group to finish what should have been a 45 minute or less run. We weren’t even at the first boss when L told everyone to drop their groups immediately for the 20 man and get on Ventrilo. I ignored this as we had waited SO long for them to finish. In my opinion, they could wait for US now. Two minutes later, L repeats his request and we continue to ignore him. He then sends me a tell asking us to drop group so we can form up for the 20 man. I say, we’d really like to finish this run as we waited over an hour and a half for YOUR group – it won’t take us long. He says, No, we need you guys. Drop group NOW. I say, I’m sorry but when some of this group logged on TWO MINUTES LATE they were shit out of luck and plus, we waited for you guys. He says, Well, you all were late so I have zero sympathy for you. I say, I’m sorry but this just isn’t working for me. /ragequit

I have zero tolerance for dictators in the gaming world.

After I quit, one of my best friends followed me out. L then immediately kicked two other members of our group out, even though they hadn’t spoken to him or vice versa. Nothing like guilt by association.

I admit that I was disheartened by our failure to gel, especially after C went out of his way to find what he felt was a suitable home for ALL of us, when he could easily have quit the game or moved by himself. However, sometimes things just don’t work out, and being in gaming limbo is better than nothing…especially if I’m in limbo with my friends. We all went back “home” with the thought that we would try and make it work if possible. It might take awhile, but we all agreed that would rather work at it together rather than cancel our accounts while we wait to see how Star Wars looks after the honeymoon period.


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