Bounty Hunter Rakata gear

I’ve been meaning to do a wrap up on SWTOR for awhile, so here it finally is. At this point, I think that I can safely say that my time in SWTOR is done. I haven’t logged into the game in over 3 weeks and sadly, I don’t miss it. When I left Rift, I was sad to go and thought about it a lot after the fact, but with SWTOR, I rarely think about my time there.

When talking to other friends of mine that played SWTOR with me (or even withOUT me on other servers), it was generally agreed upon that the journey from level 1 to level 49 was fantastic: The quests are fun and there are plenty of them. The story lines/quests for each class are AWESOME and extremely engrossing. There are enough flashpoints (dungeons) and war zones (PvP) to break up time spent doing quests and leveling up crafting. Once you reach level 50, however, things begin to slow down to the point of hitting a brick wall at about 100 Mph.

With nothing to spend my money on, I bought a mount that cost 1 million credits.

Once my friends and I hit level 50, we started doing flashpoints in Hard Mode so that we could get the gear we needed to start doing Ops (raiding). This didn’t take more than 2 weeks, so we were ready to start Regular Mode Ops (there are only 3 Ops) fairly quickly. We progressed through Normal Modes quickly, then moved to Hard Modes and cut through them like butter. By the time we were ready to start Nightmare Modes, Diablo 3 came out and we, along with a lot of other guilds, lost a few team members. Trying to PUG or recruit players for Hard/Nightmare Modes was like pulling teeth, since most people on our server were not at the point yet. With Ops taken out of the equation, there is NOTHING for geared level 50’s to do except daily quests, which become tiresome very quickly.

Also, if you’re not raiding, there’s nothing to spend money on, so making money becomes pointless. Yes, you can buy some expensive mounts…but that’s about it. If you’ve been leveling your crafting as you leveled up in general, there’s nothing to do on THAT front either. Basically, your choices at level 50 (if raiding isn’t an option)are: PvP, Flashpoints, daily quests, level an alt, and MY personal favourite – sitting/dancing in the fleet while bullshitting with people in general chat.

Daily quests and flashpoints became tiresome and pointless too quickly.

SWTOR had such potential, and it’s unfortunate that it fell SO flat at the six month mark because they did a lot of things RIGHT. However, they severely missed the mark when it came to a lot of the basics, and as far as I’m concerned it doesn’t matter how beautiful and polished (looking) your product is come launch – if it breaks and servers need to come down every other day for 4 – 8+ hours on top of regularly scheduled maintenance, you can fuck right off.

Moving on, let’s get to what I liked.

Around level 40, Bounty Hunters get a Jawa companion.

Companions: By the time you hit level 50, you will have five mostly useful companions that are either healers, tanks, or DPS. Tanks and DPS can be melee or ranged. Most of the companion’s AI is pretty, well, intelligent, and most of MY companions had a decent sense of humour and would keep me entertained with their running commentaries on whatever we happened to be doing. My favourite companion by far is Blizz the Jawa who is a ranged tank. I would use him even if I didn’t need to because watching him “tank” had me in stitches – He’ll trow a grapple line at mobs, but because he’s so small he can’t yank them to HIM, he gets yanked to THEM and will go sailing across the zone aggroing everything in his path. His preferred way of keeping agro is to shoot mobs in the face with a blaster pistol OR a rocket that’s bigger than HE is.

Send your companions out to do menial crafting tasks.

Crafting: It took while to get used to sending my companions out to gather and craft for me. In general, I liked this feature as it was quite convenient to get crafting done while out questing/raiding/whatever. At first I was annoyed by the time and money spent getting stuff done, but once I started raking the cash in, everything was fine.

It pays to be social when you can get cool outfits that are modable. L to R: Slave Girl, Sand Person, Elegant Dress.

Social Gear: Getting social points was one of the more aggravating aspects of this game. They’re VERY slow to get if you aren’t grouped with someone 100% of the time or damn close. However, once you get your social rank up, you’re able to buy (cheaply) all sorts of different outfits that you can modify the same way you would with any orange gear. If you get the right level mods, your stats won’t change TOO drastically, and I have to admit that it was pretty fun to raid as a slave girl.

Keep your cool looking gear by swapping out mods.

Modable Gear: This is a very cool way to keep gear that you liked the look of – you can swap out mods, armouring, enhancements, colour crystals, etc and keep it as long as you like.

All in all there was a lot to like about STWOR, but the lack of something to do at level 50 really killed it for me and almost everyone I know. Constant maintenance was a pain and terrible tech support was unacceptable (especially at 6 months). Even the newly implemented legacy system was disappointing – the abilities and items you could get didn’t add anything significant to a character OR game play in general and was a HUGE money sink even for the very few, SMALL cool stuff.


3 thoughts on “SWTOR Wrap Up

  1. I’m with you on just about all of the above. Yes, I’m a house-husband, but I work my ass off in ways a lot of folk don’t understand, and dedicating 3-4 nights a week means I’m gonna need some help. Several friends have made it past the 35 barrier, but I finally said wtf am I doing spending this much on a game I don’t play? SW staff contacted me when I cut off the 6-month autocharge, and I said, simply, “I don’t play.”
    This riled them up, got offers for special mounts, blah blah blah. Sorry, I pugged a few groups, and was suddenly feeling like I was playing Everquest again. As a monk.
    TSW is fun, but again, I’m not interested in slamming through levels, only to have to go back to gear up or I can’t play the next patch. I’m up for buying TSW, (heck Closed – Beta aughtta be good for something, eh?) but they really really need to get the financial side together. I really don’t like being charged twice, for the same game, and to fix it I have to call THEM, wait on hold, and then get an e-mail saying “what did you need again?” Um folks, I ALREADY TOLD YOU. I just cancelled it with Amex, When they hopefully figure it out, I’ll play.
    OK, Rant off. Hope to see you in game Max!

  2. I love SWtor, i agree with everything you said, I play a Bounty Hunter as well, powertech.

    The game now has a Free to play option. I took a slighlty diff route then you, instead of 1 character at 50 I have 12 characters of varing levels from 18-43 in all classes, my Main just hit 43 and I dont raid, Im in a guild of just me and my wife so we have a Guild bank of our own to fast swap stuff.

    With alot of new OPs, new FPs, more arena’s for PVP, now have ranked/rated PVP. and the Cartel market (item shop)

    all GTN’s sell to both sides automatically not just nar shadaa anymore.

    being as its free, come see the new stuff. there are restrictions between subscribers and free players.

    Feel free to contact me if you want a friendly hand back in the game or want a home for alts to grow up in.

    Good Hunting,

    B’atou Silverfox

    43 powertech
    Shadowlands server

  3. Hello there! Sorry, I haven’t been writing much over the past year due to real life and haven’t been checking here with any sort of regularity! I DID hear awhile ago about the free to play option and all the various new stuff, which had me mildly interested – so I may come back just to poke around and see what’s new…if so, I will definitely look you up 🙂 It’s been such a long time since I’ve played there, I don’t remember what server I’m on and would hate to re-roll another BH (the only class I was ever interested in)!

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