New Project Going Live

Several months ago, a cousin of mine asked me if I would be interested in contributing to a blog that is “all things Latina.” She knew that I already had a gaming blog going, and asked me if I would write a gaming column for the new blog, to which I replied, “no.” I was honoured that she wanted me to contribute, but didn’t want to be pigeon-holed into gaming since I DO do other things/have other interests outside of furiously mashing my keyboard and controllers.

My NEW articles will be featured on Fridays, but you’ll obviously be able to find any of my posts any day of the week. My “title” is The Gen-Xer and my plan is to cover a wide range of topics the will most likely appeal to other Gen-Xers as well as educate other generations about who we really are. My instructions are to “keep it light and fun” which does not describe my style at all, but I figured that this would be an interesting challenge.

The first article I wrote should be up tomorrow, and is essentially a good natured jab at the many idiots that dominate Facebook.

To visit the non gaming side of me, go to —>


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